Thoughts on JavaScript

The Good the Bad and the Slow

JavaScript, You either love it or you hate it... well actually that's not true. See I don't believe JavaScript is inherently bad, in fact if used correctly I't allows for some very useful and even just plain cool things to be anchived from the web browser.
Don't get me wrong I still thing JavaScript shouldn't be used nearly as much as it is. For example, If you are just trying to have a sentence display on your website their is absolutly no reason to do that with JavaScript. HTML and CSS should still be the core of all websites, JavaScript is a little spice you throw in to give a little pizzaz or for a cool animation here and there.
When JavaScript is used to the point that the entire site is just a giant script or a million little scripts is where I see a huge issue with it, It's just slow and pointless at that point really.

This is a super short blog but I just really wanted to get my thoughts out on it and also announce that I'm going to be learning JavaScript(I know sue me right lol) as I would like to get more into web development.

I'm actually pretty curious of what you guys think.
Is JavaScript the Devil or not so bad?
Let me know in the comments :)