Speaking your mind

I don't care if you don't like my opinion

We seem to live in a world where people often feel they must silence themselves in fear of what others might say, but the very people you silence yourself for don't seem to silence themselves for you.
So why would you silence yourself?

Is it because you fear what others will say about you, if they don't agree with your statement?
Is it because you fear what people may think of you?
Maybe you aren't a very talkative person, i fully understand this one being like this myself.
Or maybe it's because you are afraid you will lose friends.

I'm here to tell you please do not silence yourself for the sake of others, you have every right to speak your mind.
People often don't like what I say but that doesn't stop me from saying what I think and it never really has, sure sometimes when I was a kid it got me into a bit of trouble here and there but nothing serious. However I'm not saying talk over others or use your voice to silence others, It's about finding the balance between them making sure that you are fully heard while also letting them speak as well.

Rather the topic is political or tech related or just your thoughts on life or something, speak your mind, it's more authentic, more interesting and more you. :)