One week on Solus

I distro hopped after telling you not to hehe

First let me explain why I made the switch in the first place.
About a week ago I made the bright decision(This is sarcasm im just not good at it) to switch over to Debian testing from Debian stable and to make a long story short it didn't go well.
Now at this point a person who had good system admin skills and or half a brain in there head would be like "Good thing I make back ups!", this person is not me lol.

So i decided to give solus a try as i've always thought solus was pretty cool from everything i read and had seen on the distribution.
Fast forward a week and these are my thoughts.
Solus is the perfect example of easy to install, a beautiful user interface and mostly sane pre-installed software(i say mostly because it is a bit heavy out of the box)
I am still currently blown away by how beautiful and easy to use the Budgie desktop evironment really is, it has become my favorite desktop enviornment. And i dont forsee myself moving away from solus as package avaliblity hasn't been an issue for me.
The worst things about this distro for me were getting my brain to remember eopkg rather than apt or pacman or something and the pre-installed software that i mentioned previously.

State of the blog/Life Update

Recently I had my website Brave verified as currently i do not have a job and the search for one doesn't seem to be getting any better
I will never lock anything i make behind a pay wall just letting everyone know why i verified my website as I try to be as trasparent as possible.
If you only view this in an RSS reader than you can disregard this.