Updated: Software I Use

This is what I'm using

- Linux Distro: Pop! OS (You will notice a trend of me saying "Because it's easy or it's simple and or I'm lazy" in this post lol)

- Browser: Brave (Honestly i'm not married to any browser I'm fine with almost any of them but I've just using Brave for a while now)

- Terminal: Gnome Terminal (This will probably change in a few days or weeks or years, idk im lazy lol)
EDIT: Alacritty (Because it's lightning fast, KACHAO)

- Password Manager: Pass (It's simple, and it does the job)

- Text Editor: Doom Emacs and VIM (VIM for quick edits and Doom Emacs for the longer typing sessions like this blog, has been typed in Doom Emacs)

- Video Player: MPV (Because it works and it's simple to use)

- System Backup: Timeshift (Honestly I don't know how this program works fully it just makes me feel safe lol)

If there is something I didn't add to this list that you are curious about let me know in the comments and or by leaving a comment on Fosstodon :)