Shouting out bloggers

Give these blogs a look

I couldn't think of a topic to write about today that I thought anyone else would actually want to take the time to read so i decided why not make a blog post shouting out other bloggers. Seems like a good idea to me.

(This list has no ordered and all bloggers can be found on fosstodon)
Joel Cherono is a blogger who post very regularly on topic generally focused on technology to some degree but isn't afraid to go on a rant or two about other things.

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Kev Quirk is another blogger with a focus mostly on technology but also sprinkles in a little bit about blogging itself.

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Mike Stone, like the previous bloggers this blogger also has a focus on technology, if you like well written posts defiantly give this one a look.

I couldn't find an RSS Feed for this blogger but I will be sure to update this if I do.

There you go, those are 3 bloggers that I think deserve your attention. Also make sure you follow them on fosstodon, I linked each of there accounts in this post so it would be easy for you.

Thank you for reading :)