Fond memories of Pokemon

Gotta catch 'em all'

I was scrolling through the eshop on my nintendo switch and stumbled across Pokemon Sword and Shield, the two newest games in the Pokemon series or saga if you will. Seeing the cover art and the giant yellow letters spelling out Pokemon really brought back memories of the series from my childhood. I remember the first pokemon game I ever played seriously was Pokemon emerald, It was made for the gameboy advanced and i remember playing that game for hours and hours everyday. On the bus ride to school, at lunch time in school and even when i got home, I guess you could say I was addicted. Then out of nowhere i just kinda stopped playing it, stop playing pokemon at all.
I didn't move on to a newer game until I got my first nintendo DS, my brother already had a pokemon game and i remember watching him play it and it really brought that love for pokemon back out so for my birthday i asked my grandmother if she could buy me Pokemon Platinum (which was the newest at the time) and she did but she also bought me Pokemon Diamond as well. I was beyond excited when I unwrapped those gifts.

Later that day the addiction to Pokemon was back, yes you can relapse on Pokemon because i did it lol. My brother and I would say up for over 24 hours even on school nights helping each other get pokemon we wanted by trading and showing each other little tricks to be more efficient with our playthrough of the game, and of course we spent many hours trying to best each other in battles as well (You know its kinda a rules brothers have to fight). I restarted that game so many times i couldn't even keep up with how many times i had beaten the game.

I am now buying the newest pokemon game many years later, as im writing this that game is installing and I couldn't be more excited. If pokemon even held a percentage of the same gameplay i remember i am sure i will love it.