Noob Distros

This first step into the world of GNU/Linux

Before i begin i guess i should say this post is mostly for new to linux users, however you are more than welcome to keep reading if you are a pro as well :)
If you are new to linux or maybe you are looking to jump into linux i would highly recommend using Pop! OS, Linux Mint or maybe Manjaro and ill tell you why.

Pop! OS is actually the first distro i ever installed and i never had any issues with it, It also has some pretty good defaults as well as works pretty well "out of the box" for you gamers.
Although i'm no longer a fan of GNOME the desktop enviornment is very well polished and perfect for the new user to really get a little more comfortable with a linux system.

Linux Mint is another very popular and well regarded distro for many reasons.
It has a very familiar feel to Windows so it's perfect for those of you moving from Windows as well as has a very help full community, so if you have any issues feel free to ask the linux mint community.

Manjaro is a good distro if you are wanting to jump into the arch side of things without the hassle of installing main line arch, and thats honestly the thing manjaro is most known for, it's user friendly nature while still letting you harness the power of arch. However i must say manjaro is a much less forgiving system if you make changes your shouldn't have more install a bad package.

At the end of the day though it's important to remember that distro doesn't matter, once you get familiar with the differences between debian and arch (the two main distros) linux is linux is linux.
I hope to see you noobies in the linux communities asking questions :).

oh, i use debian btw