Favorite Mobile Apps

Personal tracking device software

Every app on this list is available on Android through the F-droid store.

First on the list is Tusky the mobile Mastodon client. If you use Mastodon and you are looking for a mobile client they don't get any better than this.

Next we have Feeder an RSS reader, this app is where I personally read a good 80% of all the blogs and news I read, it's fantastic.

Infinity for Reddit is a wonderful and beautiful reddit client that has loads of customization. You could theme this app to match that love for the Nord theme or maybe Gruvbox. It's a must have for all you redditors.

What's the weather going to be like tomorrow? Geometric Weather has the latest on that and anything else you want to know weather related, it's beautiful and simple to read. It just works and looks beautiful doing it.

If you are like me you love FOSS and one of the things that's hardest to break from is YouTube, what's the alternative you ask? LBRY F-Droid is the best thing we have currently to something like youtube but don't let that make you think it's not amazing because it truly is. You can get paid simply to watch videos in the crypto currency LBC and you can be greedy and hold it all for yourself or the better option use it to support the creators that bring your entertainment or information.

EDIT: Thank you to Reaper (give this guy a follow over on mastodon, he makes all kinds of super cool projects) for reminding me about an app that I actually originally intended to add to the list but as I was typing this blog I completly forgot at some point along the way. That app is NewPipe, this app allows you to interact with YouTube while not actually using googles app (Which is always a plus if you love FOSS).

Please consider supporting these apps and fdroid rather that be financially or through your time, also a giant thank you to the developers of these apps and everyone who has already contributed.