What is Mastodon

the elephant is better than the bird.

If you read Stop Using Twitter! you my recall that I mentioned something called Mastodon Mastodon is a social site that allows users to set up instances and microblog comparable to Twitter. However the benifits to Mastodon far outweigh anything twitter has to offer.
Mastodon is a federated social site meaning there is no central rule book or agenda being followed.
The users will join an instance that best suits there intrests or there intrest leading to communities being built around a common intrest. You may think it's a bad thing that there are no central rules to the site but let me explain, each instance has it's own rules.
For example some instances may not allow users to use foul language and some may fully allow it.

The beauty of a site like Mastodon is that even if your instance kicks you, you can still go join another instance with the same account.
If you were on mstdon.social and they decided they don't like what you are posting or maybe you broke the rules and kick you, you could go join fosstodon.org (which is the instance im in). As you can see just from the very few point I actully talked about mastodon does still have a way of regulating itself and dealing with the trolls.

If you are intrested in joining up on mastodon and have a love for FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) I would highly recommend joining Fosstodon I have been here for a few months now and I have had a very good time.
It's actually like a little community of some pretty cool people.

If you aren't into FOSS but still want to join mastodon i recommend going to Matodon Instances here you will find tons of other instances that may suit you better.
I hope to see many new toots on mastodon :) (post on mastodon are called toots i'm not weird or something lol)