Learning to code

I've made no progress but I'm still interested

I gained an intrest in coding and programming in highschool when I had a class for Web Design, The class only taught the most basic of basic HTML and CSS but it was enough to get me intrested. But after the class was over I didn't really go back to it for about a year, I had just graduated highschool (barely) when I started looking more into coding. I like web development a lot, However my skills have barely improved at all, I feel like I don't fully understand anything, It's like I understand things just enough to kinda sorta implement them.

This same issue carries over into programming as well, So for example Java was the first actual programming language I ever started to learn and I hated it because of how tedious it was to type, so I looked at python and I'm still in the same boat. Actually I've played around with nearly every language and I still seem to have the issue of not fully getting anything.

Maybe I'm stupid or maybe the issue is just too much hopping between languages and not enough dedication to a language to fully understand anything I've tried to learn.

I tried to make this one a little longer on purpose, I feel like so many of my recent-ish posts are just so short and pointless lol