Free Software rant

The "I have nothing to hide" argument

I have spoken to many people who don't know about the free software movement and I have done the best that I can to explain the pros to free software and why they should to the best of their ablity replace non-free software in their lives.
But of course we all know what comes next, "Oh, I'm not really worried about that I have nothing to hide." Now this argument is dumb to many degrees but I will explain the lack of thinking in this argument.

These people who say "I have nothing to hide" do in fact all have something to hide, actually everyone on the planet has something to hide that doesn't mean what you are hiding is illegal and it doesn't mean you are a bad person either necessarily, it could be something as simple as a password you don't want people having access to but we all have something to hide.

I would assume that most of these people don't let just anyone walk into their homes at any given time and look through their things so why would they let people and or companies do that very thing to their digital life?
Would these people also not make police get a warrent to search their house?

Of course the answer to these questions is no they wouldn't let any of that slide. So are these people detaching themselves from their online life or are they actually so oblivious to whats going on and they don't belive they have anything to worry about?
Surely they know about Edward Snowden and the other whistle blowers so my only conclusion is willfull ignorance.

Speaking of Edward Snowden here is a quote from him that kinda sums up this whole thing.

Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say. Nobody needs to justify why they 'need' a right. The burden of justification falls on the one seeking to infringe upon the right. You can't give away the rights of others because they're not useful to you. More simply, the majority cannot vote away the natural rights of the minority. -- Edward Snowden

This was kinda a rant just questioning the people who say "I have nothing to hide" I would love to see what you guys think about this, Feel free to leave a comment :)