Why use FOSS?

Why should you care?

I guess first I should start of by explaining what FOSS is, FOSS is Free and Open Source Software.
For a program or software to be consitered free(as in freedom, has nothing to do with price.) it first has to meet the four essential freedoms.

Now, to answer the question, "Why should you care about FOSS?"
You should truly care about FOSS because unlike most software/programs, FOSS won't collect data about you to sell to the highest bidder, but it also gives you the freedom to change the things you don't like about the program or to change the things you need to change to be able to use the program. For example lets say there is a program that someone needs to use but they can't read the font size due to a vision impairment, Well with FOSS they could easily change the font size because they have access to the source code. Not only that but you can also have the peace of mind that the program isn't sending your information to people or companies who have no real reason to see your information.

Supporting FOSS is supporting Freedom!

Please consider donating your time or donating financially to these organizations to help push FOSS forward:

Free Software Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundation