First impressions pokemon

5 hours in and still going?

If you read my blog post yesterday titled Fond memories of Pokemon you will remember I said I was buying the my first Pokemon game since my childhood to see if I could find that same love for Pokemon that I once had.
This is my thought on the game 5 hours in...

If you are looking for the short anwser yes, I do like it. But there are also many things about it that either A I flat out don't like or B I wish they just wouldn't have messed with.
If you have played any Pokemon games before you know the whole plot of the game is you are going around the region in the game trying to catch all the pokemon and collect all the gym badges, and that part of the game still hold true, Pokemon found it's formula many years ago and it works so I am happy to see that wasn't altered.
However they did add quite a few new things as I expected they would. One of the main thing I actually don't like about the game is... wait for it... the new generation of pokemon, maybe it's just me wanting the same Pokemon I grew up with but these new pokemon have almost no charm to them at all. Many of them are completly forgetable or just flat out odd. The other big thing I don't like about this game is the addition of Dynamax, Dynamax is the new hype in the Pokemon world and if you don't know what it is, well it's probably for the better. Dynamaxing your Pokemon is done my a bracelet that can store some sort of special electrical charge that allows you to power up your Pokemon into these super behemoths... so yes you can have a Pikachu the size of or larger than buildings. This gripe with the game i'm almost sure is me wanting to play some good old fashion Pokemon.

The core game play however like I stated previously has remaind mostly unalted which does actually still allow me to enjoy the game. I'm 5 hours in and I've already collected one badge.
Will I catch them all? Will I collect all the badges? Will I become the best like no one ever was?

:) Thanks for reading